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At Liberty Clothing, our mission is to produce Eco friendly clothing and high-quality products that inspire consumers to make sustainable choices. From t-shirts to pants, we carry a variety of affordable ethical clothing including hemp merchandise. As we grow together as a community and collectively contribute to the care of our environment, Liberty Clothing continues to dedicate time, care, and passion in order to deliver high-quality sustainable clothing. Preserve the globe and protect the future of the environment with affordable ethical clothing here at Liberty Clothing!

30 years of Planet Friendly Progress


Established in 1989 near the western gates of Algonquin Park in Huntsville, Ontario, Liberty Clothing first started out by providing high-quality clothing for summer camp programs across North America. Founded by designer Anne Joyce, who began the commercial up-cycled denim line BCBG, Liberty Clothing was created as an inspiration to bring cherished camp memories back home. The original Base Line collection has evolved over time to hood, zip hoods pants, and much more. Inspired by the nature we live in and the nostalgia of our childhood summer camp, Liberty Clothing produces sustainable clothing that is high-quality and perfect for every day.

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Over the past several decades, the rise of global apparel production has resulted in negatively affecting the industry’s carbon footprint. In an effort to fight against this phenomenon, we sought to create a collection that combats this concern by creating sustainable clothing with organic materials such as hemp and organic cotton in order to produce renewable energy. The Liberty High Line collection offers consumers high-quality products, which have a low negative impact on the environment. Our sustainable clothing includes hemp merchandise that is affordable, high-quality, and doesn’t hurt the planet we live on. Go green with affordable ethical clothing from Liberty Clothing!

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The future is in our hands, and it’s our duty to protect the world that we live in. We’re returning to our recycle roots with the upcoming launch of our sustainable clothing brand, the Redux collection. Using vintage and salvage fabrics, we repurpose them in an effort to become regenerative with affordable ethical clothing. As we continue to produce sustainable clothing that is high-quality and affordable, we want to inspire consumers to embrace hemp merchandise and all the benefits that sustainable fashion brands can offer.

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Meet the Founder

Liberty Clothing is founded and designed by Anne Joyce, who has been working on creating sustainable clothing for the fashion industry since her early days of recycling vintage jeans and working with environmental fabrics such as hemp. Her retail store in the Muskoka region served a number of summer adventurers, which inspired the camp partnerships that Liberty Clothing continues today with sustainable clothing. In our goal to create quality and timeless pieces in sustainable clothing that are cherished for years to come, Liberty Clothing maintains green practices while continuing to create eco-friendly clothing brands.

Future Together

Our goal is to make the fashion industry more sustainable. We are not perfect, but we believe that we are on the right path as we contribute to preserving the environment we live in with sustainable clothing and hemp merchandise.