Treat Accessibly

Our family is dedicated to making Halloween in Canada, the world’s first accessible holiday tradition. Our daughter dreamt up this T-Shirt because she believes together, WE CAN!  In 2017, we founded the Treat Accessibly movement with one sign on our lawn to let a little boy, that uses a wheel chair, know he can trick-or-treat at our home. Since, over 40,000 of the Treat Accessibly signs have appeared on lawns across Canada with more to come.

 Our goal is 400,000 signs by 2025, one sign for every child in Canada that identifies with having a disabilities and in support of the 6.2 million Canadians with disabilities today.

As per our daughter’s wishes, all net profits will be paid towards supporting accessible inclusive programs, raising awareness for Treat Accessibly, the wonderful designer of the T-Shirt, Christian Burkett, an art student and new Canadian volunteering his time to help Treat Accessibly and last but not least, Siena’s dream of opening a Cat Café that is fully accessible to everybody.

 To learn where to get your sign visit and like us at and @treataccessibly ( to learn when and where they become available in September 2021.

 Happy Halloween EveryBODY!

*Please note this is a preorder.  The pre order will run from October 12th-31st, 2021.  Orders will begin to ship the week of November 16th.  All Sale are Final.

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